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When The Drum Is Beating

Whitney Dow talks about film making, Haiti, fundraising in the film industry, Michael Moore and being on Oprah. His newest film, When The Drum Is Beating will be released in theaters early next year. Also: The Christmas Assault, Listener Letters™ and What if Hanukkah was like Christmas? Plus: Where our listeners are, how much it will cost to go to the beach, changing your mind and a really BIG book & News From The Dunes™.

Songs include: Does Anybody Love You? and Cap-Haitien

Lizards, Rubber Ducks & gorillas, Oh MY

Join Anne and Michael as they wax thoughtful about the Grammys, German guys with lizards, why NOT to eat a rubber duck, new and exciting ways for terrorists to blow us up and why doctors should never smile. Plus, Rip Torn gets lost on the way home, the Situation(tm) wants to market underwear and hallucinogenic bears. Also, France bans some more stuff while an inflatable gorilla starts a fire. OH! And it’s Groundhog Day!
Songs featured might be: I don’t need no doctor and Rock the Casbah (in Arabic).

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It’s nae Scottish

This episode, broadcast on January 26, 2010 features a new intro song for the show. Anne and Michael discuss the mysteries of where sound goes once it is created, the enormous talent that is William Shatner, horrible FAKE Massachusetts accents, holy water that really isn’t, banning words and phrases from the dictionary, stuff that’s happening in Scotland, political exhaustion and the amazing feat of Charlie Simpson, a 7 year old who has raised more than $200,000 for Haiti Earthquake relief.
Songs featured include: Diablo Rojo, Shambayla and Stoppin’ the Love.
Also featured, “Adventures in Marriage“.

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Get your pants off the ground

This episode originally aired January 19th, 2010 and finds Anne and Michael talking about Katrina and the Haiti earthquake, the insanity of Rush Limbaugh and the truth about Danny Glover. Anne is “cranky” and Michael’s eyes are bugging him (and both seem to be apathetic but don’t much seem to care). Also covered, the upcoming election in Massachusetts, Scott Brown’s nude centerfold, the nineties being a really sucky decade, the phenomenon surrounding the new hit song, “Pants on the Ground”, the Golden Globes and what one does when you find a tooth in a “Milky Bar”. Also, a new feature is added to the show called, “Bad Celebrity Songs” aka songs that never should have been recorded. Ever. Also, a woman rewires her husband’s table saw.

Songs featured include: Apples and Oranges, Highly Illogical, I kissed a girl and “Lady, we’re not together any more” (a performance from the American Idol auditions).

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