Happy Christmas

Anne and Michael discuss what he does to the show when she’s not around. Also, bobcats, snow, rain in Seattle (“Weather Chat”), the Sequim rainforest, scientists discover a really really old house in Nazareth, Leonardo’s forced air heating system, shards, a pause before Christmas information, Jay emails and asks about Jesus’ puberty, Sarah Palin goes “a little bit” incognito, Dick Wolf pisses off Bill O’Reilly (defender of the poor) and someone finds 22 million missing emails from the George Bush white house and a beer in a tree. Plus, does President Obama have to keep a copy of everything done on his Blackberry?

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Get your pants off the ground

This episode originally aired January 19th, 2010 and finds Anne and Michael talking about Katrina and the Haiti earthquake, the insanity of Rush Limbaugh and the truth about Danny Glover. Anne is “cranky” and Michael’s eyes are bugging him (and both seem to be apathetic but don’t much seem to care). Also covered, the upcoming election in Massachusetts, Scott Brown’s nude centerfold, the nineties being a really sucky decade, the phenomenon surrounding the new hit song, “Pants on the Ground”, the Golden Globes and what one does when you find a tooth in a “Milky Bar”. Also, a new feature is added to the show called, “Bad Celebrity Songs” aka songs that never should have been recorded. Ever. Also, a woman rewires her husband’s table saw.

Songs featured include: Apples and Oranges, Highly Illogical, I kissed a girl and “Lady, we’re not together any more” (a performance from the American Idol auditions).

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