Who Do You Think You Are?

A revelatory week, Maya Angelou wisdom, Where Apathy comes from, Our pal the Dealer, The People Who Are Hiding,  Fast-forwarding over the flashbacks, The Good Place (Fresh), Mercury in retrograde,  Expanding the Book List, Dear Committee Members, Cold Comfort Farm, Confederacy of Dunces, and POETRY. Plus: Trader Joe’s, Buying Book Choy,… Continue reading

Mitzvah Fatigue

We need a new name for Michael, Purim Time, The BIG TEN, Religion, Faith, Drunk Germans Slowing the Transportation System, St. Patrick’s Day, Marty Walsh Throws out the Ceremonial First Punch, The ONION, and Food Cravings. Plus: Corned Beef, TOO MANY FLAGS, Store-Robbing Unicorn, Conan’s crush on Jeff Goldblum, and… Continue reading

Political Goatness

Some Young Guy, A Billionaire Israeli Diamond Merchant dies in surgery, Photos on Gravestones, The Mount of Olives, Fair Haven Vermont elects a new mayor, Michael’s ridiculous signature, Newest Math, Memorization, Who does and doesn’t do Daylight Saving Time, Waiting For The Artist (Documentary Now), Judge Judy’s New DO, Early… Continue reading

Our Cape Cod Girl

A Bright, Michael Rapaport colored light in a really a LOUSY MONTH, Nicki Fn Minaj (ICK), Braggarts, Busting Anne’s Chops at S&S, Michael’s THING he runs, Instagram Cheese Plates, Podcasts, Beyond Meat, and SOUP. Plus, Anne’s time as a Soup Naysayer™, Spoon and Seed’s Vegan Carrot Ginger Soup, Chowder, What… Continue reading

Adam’s Apples

The Celebrity Shout-Out Shalom, OSCARS, OSCARS, OSCARS, We Watched The Show So You didn’t Have To, Film, Podcasts, Music, and Drew Ackerman’s Sleep With Me Podcast. More Oscar Stuff, Opinions on who won and who should have, BEST/WORST Dressed, Gaga and Cooper Sitting in a tree, Olivia Colman’s Acceptance Speech,… Continue reading

What to play when you’re on fire

Moon Shaming, Alec or Alex, In the Year 2020, The Sad Violin, The movie we hadn’t seen until now (The Favourite), The Good Place, ANNOYING SOUNDS, What to Play When You’re On Fire, A Judgement-Free Zone, and the Hamilton Self Evacuation. Plus: Donald the worm, Garbage or Gold™, Dead Pirate… Continue reading

Between No Place and a Hard Place

Judy Gold gives Michael some Valentine advice, Eric the Fixer, The Grammys, No Joy on VD, Alicia Keys and her Pirate Scarf, The Canada Goose Problem, Also Fake Canada Goose Problems, Riding the Shark, NEW OCCASIONAL FEATURE (The Podcast Extra), The Glitter-Farting Universal Studios Troll (Guy Diamond), WHAT? Also: Off-Fleek… Continue reading

Heart of MY heart

SOOOO Glad That’s Over, How To Find Us, The Drone in the background, Wherever You Get Your Podcasts, Radio Therapy, Anne’s Skating Problem, The Goddoctor™, Big Heads, MATCH GAME, Caitlyn Jenner, How To Tell When the Wig is Bad, Qevin The Hypocritical Stylist, And American Beauty Star (Give it a… Continue reading

The dax vax

The Voodoo That We Do, Wasn’t Sick – Now I am, Not dying five years later, Der Kommissar, ANTI-VAXXERS are KILLING PEOPLE, Measles is BACK, Münchausen Syndrome, The SAG Awards, Television, Politics, The Wife, Bohemian Rhapsody, and NOT KIERA KNIGHTLEY. Also: Dax Shepard, Pete Holmes, Podcasts, Conan’s NEW SHOW, and… Continue reading